Is it worth hiring a personal injury attorney? People who are injured in an accident suddenly find themselves in a weakened state facing mounting medical bills, and lost wages from time taken off work to recover from their injuries. In some cases they face substantial repair bills for damage to their automobile. Injuries can occur from many different types of accidents; however, they often occur from pedestrian, car, bicycle, and premises liability accidents. Having a personal injury attorney on your side to deal with the insurance companies, help you navigate the claims process, and ensure that you are fully compensated is well worth it. Personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee, which means they won't get paid unless they recover money for you, and are paid out of what they recover. Personal injury law is complex, with each state having its specific laws Navigating the complex legal issues of your claim after an accident is not easy for the average person. It is best suited for an experienced personal injury attorney. Having a deep knowledge of state and federal personal injury laws is necessary when filing and handling a personal injury claim. The insurance company's interest is directly at odds with those of the injured party Insurance companies seek to protect their bottom line and will often deny claims or dispute damages for a host of reasons that may or may not be valid. If they do pay a claim, they will usually seek to pay out as little as possible. The insurance company’s goal is to protect its own financial interests while minimizing the claimant's injuries and damages. Personal injury attorneys often recover much larger settlements than self-represented individuals. When a claimant is self-represented, the insurance company knows that it has the upper hand in negotiations with its many experienced claims adjusters and lawyers. It is undoubtedly a mistake to think that you will come out better off through self-representation in a personal injury claim. A study by the Insurance Research Institute indicated that the average person who has legal representation receives a settlement 3.5 times larger than those without legal representation. Personal injury attorneys usually work on a contingency fee basis. Experienced personal injury attorneys usually work on a contingency fee arrangement. A contingency fee means they will take a pre-agreed percentage of any recovery without any payment upfront from the injured party. If there is no recovery, you will pay no fee. Personal injury attorneys have a deep knowledge of the law. They know how to recover proper compensation for those who have been injured by the fault of others. A personal injury attorney will adequately prepare your personal injury claim and will negotiate with the insurance company from a position of strength, ensuring that you are properly compensated for your injuries. Compensation for all of your injuries, pain and suffering A personal injury attorney will investigate the accident and fully understand your injuries, including the prospect for a full recovery. Your personal injury attorney will know if your “minor injuries" are, in fact, more severe and could turn into a lifelong disability and the actual financial value of your injuries. Your personal injury attorney will know the steps to take to maximize your monetary recovery, including the full spectrum of damages to which you are entitled. These damages include; pain, suffering, and emotional distress, which can make up a substantial portion of your financial recovery.

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