Phil Senecal - Private Practice

Phil Senecal
Private Practice

Montreal, H3Z 2S5

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Phil Senecal
Private Practice

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Law School

Not Stated
1988 - 1991


Specialized in the fields of information technology and electronic information management, Phil was legal counsel and chief technical adviser at Ledjit Consulting Inc. He remains a 20% shareholder in the company.
Aside from giving lectures, his services are regularly sought to provide advice and counsel on legal and information technology issues. He frequently advises major corporations on the application and effects of Canadian legislation relating to the protection of personal information and assists companies in establishing suitable document management policies and directives. Moreover, he provides legal and technical guidance and direct assistance in the course of E-Discovery proceedings.
Phil practiced law in the litigation department of a Montreal law firm where he was frequently required to plead cases requiring his expertise and to advise clients in matters pertaining to electronic document and evidence management. Previously, he acted as legal counsel within the litigation team of Borden Ladner Gervais. He has been a member of the Quebec Bar Association since 1992 and is a graduate of University of Sherbrooke.
While still focusing on his legal practice, in his spare time Philip pursued his training as a Microsoft Systems Engineer and worked as a technician and consultant for an information technology company. Benefitting from his extensive experience acquired from his work in the field of information technology and from his law practice, Philip has the knowledge and practical skills to respond quickly and efficiently to the technical and legal needs of his clients.