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I am a criminal defense attorney in Boulder, Colorado. My law firm, Rosmarin Law, handles traffic (including alcohol and drug-related charges), misdemeanor, and felony matters in the municipal, state, and federal court systems.
I decided to become a criminal defense lawyer when I was eight years old, when the State of California strapped my cousin Foster to a chair and made him breathe poison gas. Foster was insane when he shot his wife, and had no champion to defend him. I saw then that the world could use more champions.
It’s been a long strange trip to the courthouse. Before becoming a criminal defense lawyer, I was a journalist, working for Scripps-Howard, Times-Mirror, and the Associated Press. I also took a master’s degree in psychology, and for several years worked as an emergency psychiatric therapist.
I am a member of the Colorado, Boulder, and Denver bar associations. I am also a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar.

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