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William Robison
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Mr. Robison is a contributing author of the “Automobile Litigation Deskbook,” published by the Washington State Trial Lawyers Association (WSTLA), and has made numerous presentations to WSTLA and the Clark County Bar Association on trial techniques and other important aspects of personal injury and tort law practice. Some of his reported cases include State v. Aver, 745 P.2d 479 (Wash. 1987); Kysar v. Lambert, 76 Wash.App. 470, 887 P.2d 431, 440 (Court of Appeals 1995); Truck Insurance Exchange v. Vanport Homes, 147 Wn. 2nd 761 (Washington Supreme Court 2002)

Bill Robison represents plaintiff’s in litigation with an emphasis on consumer and insurance law including personal injury, wrongful death, motorcycle collisions, trucking accidents, product liability, construction, real estate and workplace injuries. Bill has settled, arbitrated or obtained trial verdicts in excess of $1,000,000 dollars in the following types of cases:

  • Wage and Hour: failure to pay overtime
  • Securities Fraud: investment contracts, equity skimming
  • Trucking accidents: wrongful death, inexperienced drivers, inadequate training, defective equipment
  • Motorcycle collisions: injury and wrongful death cases
  • Automobile collisions: wrongful death cases
  • Bank breach of trust: conversion of trust funds, attorney conversion
  • Workplace injury: unguarded hole, wrongful death


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