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Glen Balzer
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Glen Balzer
New Era Consulting

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(650) 917-0703

Glen Balzer is a management consultant focused on sales and marketing in Asia and America. He assists suppliers set up sales channel networks composed of manufacturers’ representatives and industrial distributors in Asian and American markets. His work includes identification, qualification, selection and contract negotiation with representatives and distributors. He brings many years of managing sales and marketing organizations involved with high-technology goods throughout Asian, European and American markets. His experience includes rationalization of companies after mergers and acquisitions. 
Creating New Sales and Marketing Presences
and Optimizing Sales Results
Creating a Sales Presence in a Foreign Market
•  Does the Executive Team fully commit to supporting the endeavor?
•  A company can learn the most frequently committed mistakes of competitors
•  Ensuring that the project is adequately funded before beginning
Upgrading the Manufacturers’ Representative Network
•  Weeding out the least capable reps from the network
•  Establishing a process for evaluating alternative manufacturers’ reps
•  Matching capabilities of reps to the needs of the supplier
Balance or Bias: Seeking Equilibrium in Distribution and Rep Agreements
•  Balanced agreements build balanced business relationships
•  Unbalanced agreements ultimately accelerate the demise of the relationship
•  Hints for writing agreements that enhance business relationships
Direct vs. Rep: How to Best Organize a Supplier’s Sales Organization
•  Direct sales teams have place, but are expensive and inflexible
•  Representative sales teams offer flexibility and manageable costs
•  Creating the proper mix of direct and rep sales coverage for optimum results
Extracting Optimum Results from a Foreign Sales Subsidiary
•  Demonstrating commitment to the foreign operation
•  Taking corrective action in the foreign office staff
•  Upgrading capability of the foreign operation 

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