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Ryan Bratcher Kansas City Auto Accident Lawyer


Ryan Bratcher grew up north of the river and has called Kansas City home for his entire life. Ryan has been in practice for going on ten years and found his passion in being an advocate for individuals find themselves to be like David going up against Goliath. This passion comes from an experience Ryan earlier in his life. 

One day, a year or so after my parents got divorced I was walking into the house my mother was renting at the time. When I got to the front door, there was a foreclosure notice on the door. Despite the fact that my mother had been making her rent payments each month, we were now being forced to move. The landlord had the gall to tell my mother that he would be losing more money than she was when he told her he would not be repaying the deposit she made. My mother kept her end of the bargain, but we were the ones having to move, with the landlord providing us with no answers or empathy, just greed. Feeling powerless during that time of my life it what drives my practice today. My client’s are dealing with complex issues that effect their families when they come to my office. Being an advocate for my clients who are going through difficult times like I did when I was younger motivates me to get the best results possible.

Unfortunately, there are companies and people out there who are looking to take advantage of good people. The law provides protections form those who may be in a situation where they feel powerless. I strive to work with clients to develop a strategy in our first meeting on how we can possibly correct a wrongful act of another.

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