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Jalal Dallo
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Jalal Dallo
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J. Dallo defends educated, high-value, hard-working people like you, your family, and your friends who have found themselves facing serious criminal charges and need “the best lawyer in Michigan” (what many clients have graciously called J. Dallo). You have a lot on the line and cannot afford to be convicted of a serious crime. J. Dallo’s clients are respected, high-priority professionals who are needed by society and respected by their peers. If you want an experienced, no-nonsense fighter to help you navigate through this difficult time, call Dallo Law at (248) 283-7000 to sit down with J. Dallo, discuss the details, and strategize the next steps.

A major component of J. Dallo’s strategy is the fact that his clients can afford to go to trial. His success means achieving your goals using ample resources. Sometimes that is accomplished by successfully negotiating a favorable agreement with the prosecutor. However, if the prosecutor does not offer us what we want, he will fight for you using abundant means to stifle and overwhelm any prosecution.

Attorney Dallo does not overwhelm his schedule the way other attorneys do. Having fewer, select clients affords him the time to be prepared, examine the evidence, research your case, interview the right witnesses, bring in the best experts, prepare thoroughly, and do what it takes to represent you at the highest levels of competence. If you retain the firm’s services, you will witness the way J. Dallo commands the courtroom with his skill, knowledge, and poise.

Many prosecutors and judges have either witnessed or have heard of how hard J. Dallo fights with meticulous detail and grandmaster abilities in the courtroom. They already understand that he will go to trial to challenge the prosecution’s allegations and will do so defending a client that has ample financial resources to go to trial.

Do you need an attorney who backs up what he says? An attorney whose pleasure it is to go the extra mile for you every time? Then, call Dallo Law now at (248) 283-7000 to meet him in person and discuss how he can help.

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