Samuel  Wineman, P.E.

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14545 J Military Trail #134
Delray Beach, FL 33484

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Samuel Wineman, P.E.

Wineman Engineering

Expert Profile
(561) 638-6634

He has served as an Expert Witness for over 50 cases, has  been deposed approximately 40 times, and has appeared in court. He has also assisted in Arbitration and  Mediation matters.

Mr. Wineman has over 50 years of Mechanical Engineering design experience for all types of general building construction. His design experience includes Industrial, Residential, Commercial, Utility, Hospital, Clinical and Institutional  projects. He has been supervisor of design for both major and minor construction. His work included both new construction as well an retrofit and renovation. He has a knowledge of Mechanical Building Codes and has experiences in what the past code requirements have been as they apply to previous construction projects.

Mr. Wineman has public speaking and considerable classroom instructional experience during which he has conducted technical seminars for HVAC Design,  Plumbing Design, Code Interpretation and Construction Management. He is a past member of  a major power company Speakers Bureau for public information on technical matters.

Mr. Wineman is a Registered Professional Engineer in Michigan and Wisconsin, and has retired status in Kentucky, Kansas, and Missouri. He has also been registered in the pasted in the states of New York, Ohio, and Washington DC.

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