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For some consumers, the only practical solution to their debt problems is bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is not for everyone, but if your debts are spinning out of control, bankruptcy may be the best answer for you. Colorado bankruptcy attorney Steven Holland will review your financial circumstances before recommending a specific legal action, but for some people, bankruptcy is the only option. It costs you nothing to begin the bankruptcy process with a free debt strategy consultation. After your bankruptcy, you will be able to start rebuilding your credit, and you’ll have a fresh financial start.

Most creditors cannot garnish your wages unless they first sue for the debt and then win a judgment from the court. However, the U.S. Department of Education, state and local tax and child support collectors, and the Internal Revenue Service may garnish your wages without first obtaining a judgment. Bankruptcy is one possible response to a wage garnishment, but it’s also possible that your wages are being garnished mistakenly or even illegally. Colorado wage garnishment attorney Steven Holland can review the circumstances of your wage garnishment and work on your behalf to find a practical solution that you can live with and afford.

Many consumers in Colorado – people just like you – are struggling with debts, hounded by creditors, and may need to consider bankruptcy. If your wages have been garnished, or if you are being sued by a creditor, where can you find reliable legal advice and help with these important financial issues? From his Loveland law offices, Colorado bankruptcy attorney Steven Holland is an effective advocate and guide for clients who are deep in debt and considering bankruptcy.

Is a debt collector harassing you with letters and with telephone calls at all hours? These types of credit and debt troubles are the last thing working people and families should have to be concerned with, but thousands of consumers in Colorado are dealing with these problems. Sometimes, the only way to resolve something with debt and credit companies is to take the matter to a Colorado debt defense lawyer – a lawyer like Colorado debt defense attorney Steven Holland. If a creditor violates the law and your rights while trying to collect a debt, attorney Steven Holland will explain your options and help you take the appropriate legal action.

Attorney Steven Holland earned his Juris Doctorate from the University of Wyoming, College of Law in 1993. He has served in the Wyoming National Guard, where he was a First Lieutenant and Fire Direction Officer. Attorney Steven Holland is licensed to practice law in Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming. He is an active member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys and of the First United Methodist Church in Fort Collins, Colorado. At the Holland Law Office, he helps clients from every walk of life successfully get out of debt and build financially stable lives. His experience can help you accomplish these goals. Schedule a free legal consultation by calling the Holland Law Office in Loveland at (970) 232-3097.

Holland Law Office

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