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Moshe Strugano
Moshe Strugano and Co Law Firm

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 With the acquired experience as a good businessman for several years, currently Moshe Strugano in addition to has his own law firm, he has become an important investor, engaged with the real estate and financial business world in many places worldwide.  

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Israeli Lawyer Moshe Strugano Useful Tips for Global Business Expansion: - + Why we expand business overseas? It seems obvious growth-minded businesses will ultimately aim beyond their present boundaries. In the recent globalized business world, global expansion is more custom than the exemption. Global Business Expansion One thing businesses usually fail to do is effectively coherent what is behind a global expansion strategy. Expansion for the own sake can be risky. Understanding “why to expand” is important, as it will make decision-making clear and help you get a more clear vision about your success. Moshe Strugano (Owner of Moshe Strugano and Co Law firm) shares some common reasons to expand business globally: Finding New Talent or Filling Talent Gaps Businesses no longer want to restrict themselves to limited talent when hiring employees for the projects. Communications technology opens partnership beyond borders, often instantly and in real-time. Various business software keeps global teams united and on task. Information technology and system protection support end-to-end connections are available for employees to work securely from anywhere. There are many situations where a firm prefers hiring employees from all around the world such as: When launching substantial products into a new market, so needs a local presence When launching any new service into a new marketplace, so needs a local presence When streamlining the business based on general corporate strategy objectives When leveraging recent extensive international professional networks Expanding the Product’s Sale life Every service or product trail with a lifecycle. While details vary depending on the niche, a product usually experiences start and launch, marketplace maturity, stabilization, and sometimes— decline and ultimate phase-out. A global expansion strategy strikes the retune button on that lifecycle. Businesses get to reinvent the wheel on strategic products or services they believe will shine in a new market, and also accurate for past errors. That overseas place, consecutively, revitalizes products, which perhaps nearing maturity in other markets. The outcome is a brand-new profit branch for the parent business.

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Moshe Strugano Beginner’s Guide for Starting Business Overseas Many businesses from all over the world are moving into the international marketplace. DMCC reports that in the UK, 42% of businesses are showing interest in operating overseas. Business owners likely to make bigger into striking rising markets, while setting up a stronger worldwide presence and accessing the prosperity of obtainable resources and talent that can be easily found abroad.

Starting a business may seem quite easy but it requires proper planning. Here is the guide to help beginners starting a business overseas.

Moshe Strugano & Co is an international law firm, providing companies, institutions and individuals with comprehensive and multi-disciplinarian legal counsel in establishing and broadening their activities to new global forums. The firm is one of Israel’s leading law firms in this unique practice area, and serves as the go-to firm for companies interested in transferring their business into the international arena.

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