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Robert Dolinsky
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Robert Dolinsky
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(954) 894-5900

Robert Dolinsky is one of a select group of attorneys in this country that can claim he has challenged well-known medical device manufacturers and large pharmaceutical companies throughout the United States for injuries that they have caused to the public, and has successfully recovered millions of dollars on behalf of his clients. Robert has been successful with his mission to deliver full-service legal representation to his clients nationwide without the need to refer his caseload to other law firms.

“At the Dolinsky Law Group we differentiate ourselves from other firms claiming that they handle product liability and medical device litigation. We handle these cases from start to finish. Period. Few firms in this industry can claim such a feat. Many firms may advertise that they handle certain types of cases, but neglect to tell the consumer that they intend to ultimately refer their case to another law firm. At the Dolinsky Law Group, clients should feel a sense of comfort knowing the firm they call first will handle their case up to resolution, even if that requires a jury trial.”

Perhaps the highest compliment Robert has received over his entire legal career is the sheer volume of referrals he receives from other attorneys.

“When other lawyers trust your firm sometimes more than they trust themselves, you know you are doing a good job. Fortunately, this happens frequently, so I know our firm has successfully distinguished ourselves from so many other law firms that do the same thing. Thank you to all the attorneys in all 50 States, Puerto Rico, Latin American and Europe that have chosen to have our law firm handle their client’s needs. Our results have enabled their decision making process to be an easy one. Results are often the best feather any attorney can have in their cap, better than a nice office space, a television commercial or glossy sales pitch, our results speak for themselves and this is what separates the competition in this field of law.”