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Marc Brown
Marc Brown, P.A.

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Are you being harassed by a debt collector’s letters or calls? Are your monthly obligations piling up, and you cannot pay those obligations? These kinds of debt and credit hassles are the last thing families and working people should have to worry about, but thousands of people in South Florida – people like you – are confronting the same problems. Sometimes, the only way to get something resolved with debt and credit companies is to put the matter in the hands of a South Florida debt defense attorney – an attorney like Marc Brown. If a creditor violates the law and your rights while attempting to collect a debt, attorney Marc Brown can explain your options and help you take the appropriate legal action.

In South Florida, real estate is regulated by court rulings, statutes, and concerns that include but are not limited to eminent domain, zoning, permitting, and dispute litigation. As a South Florida real estate attorney, Marc Brown offers legal services and guidance with real estate matters that include but are not limited to condo, residential, and commercial real estate transactions, titles, title insurance, refinancing, liens, mortgages, reverse mortgages, adverse possession, homestead exemption, real estate investment, and all aspects of real estate financing and development.

People in South Florida have a variety of financial concerns that require legal help. Some of us need to begin the estate planning process to provide for our families. Others need help with probate after the death of a family member. Many are engaged in commercial or private real estate transactions. Still others are struggling with debts, hounded by creditors, and may need to consider bankruptcy. Where can you find reliable legal advice about important financial concerns? From his Ft. Lauderdale offices, estate planning and bankruptcy attorney Marc Brown acts as an effective advocate for clients seeking to protect what they’ve earned or inherited.

Estate planning is essential for families, business owners, and anyone who wants to provide for loved ones. The best estate planning happens when a good estate planning lawyer helps you create the legal documents that meet your needs and wishes. A South Florida estate planning attorney can also help your family avoid the probate procedure. If your estate is probated, your loved ones will need to have a Florida probate attorney guide them through that legal procedure.

Bankruptcy isn’t for everyone, but if your debts are out of control, it may be right for you. There’s no rule about when or for whom bankruptcy is right. A good South Florida bankruptcy lawyer like Marc Brown will evaluate your personal and financial situation before suggesting any specific legal action, but in some cases, bankruptcy will be the only option. It costs nothing to start the bankruptcy process with a free legal consultation. Attorney Marc Brown can help you “start over” after bankruptcy with a clean financial slate. Whether you need estate planning services, help with probate, real estate guidance and advice, or help with handling your debts, contact South Florida financial attorney Marc Brown – right away – at (954) 566-5678.

Marc Brown, P.A.

6400 North Andrews Avenue, Suite 510, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

(954) 566-5678