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Dorrian Horsey
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Dorrian Horsey
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(216) 373-7706

Dorrian knows that the answer to Shakespeare’s rhetorical question, “What’s in a name?” has never carried as much significance as it does in today’s digital world. On a daily basis, she works with individuals and businesses who have learned the hard way that their good name and reputation are shaped largely by content that can be easily accessed by anyone in the world with a quick online search. These clients have suffered the devastating emotional and financial impact of negative search results and trust Dorrian to work on their behalf as a zealous and empathetic advocate with the dedication and expertise necessary to help them reclaim their good name online. She listens to her clients’ concerns and provides efficient and responsive representation that spans the defamation and content removal spectrum. She is a skilled advocate in any forum from litigating boldly against contentious defendants to engaging in the nuanced persuasion of news publications, social media platforms and online search engines to achieve results in her clients’ best interests.

Dorrian brings a wealth of litigation and communications law experience to Minc Law’s Internet Defamation practice. She has established a track record for successfully representing clients before state and federal courts as well as various administrative agencies, including the Federal Communications Commission. Dorrian was drawn to the niche area of Internet defamation as a natural result of her interest and expertise in technology and her passion for helping people victimized by it. The emotional distress experienced by her clients as a result of online defamation drove her to complete additional training in software engineering to better understand how websites operate from both the technical and legal perspectives.

Dorrian represents clients around the country and is licensed to practice in two states. She focuses her practice on representing individuals and businesses in matters pertaining to defamation and online privacy, cyberbullying, fake reviews, competitor and disgruntled ex-employee attacks, DMCA/copyright issues, and content removal from numerous online platforms, including Google, Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Ripoff Report, blogs, She’s A Homewrecker, The Dirty, various review websites and numerous other “shaming” websites that allow users to post negative content about individuals and businesses online. Her work has resulted in permanent removal of defamatory and disparaging content from the Internet; identification of Internet users who hide behind anonymous and pseudonymous user names; and the deindexing of results from search engines. In addition to her litigation practice, Dorrian has successfully convinced news organizations, websites, social media outlets and other online information-sharing platforms to remove clients’ criminal history, sexual history, and other reputation destroying, embarrassing or false content.

Dorrian is an avid reader, writer and runner who recently expanded her horizons to take up guitar lessons.