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Daniel A. Powell
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Daniel A. Powell
Minc Law

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(216) 373-7706

Daniel is a seasoned litigator with a stellar track record of victories as both a trial attorney and an innovative online problem solver who has emerged as an established leader in the Internet Defamation field. Because he understands that each client and each issue is unique, Daniel takes great care and pride in developing and implementing an individually tailored plan of action for every one of his representative matters. Daniel’s work is focused on achieving the one result for his clients which has defined his legal career – success.

Daniel fully appreciates that his clients, both businesses and individuals, are no different than him in that they work tirelessly to earn and maintain a respectable reputation in their communities. When their good names fall prey to and are tarnished by unfair and damaging Internet publications and other online attacks, Daniel combines his specialized knowledge and skills with the firm’s unique insight and proven techniques to advocate on their behalf. His approach breaks free of antiquated legal processes and consistently provides a winning strategy for those faced with the new and complex legal issues and challenges created by the digital age.

Possessing a diverse background as a battle-tested litigator handling a wide variety of matters, Daniel focuses his practice exclusively on Internet-related cases. His professional resume includes representing clients in various state and federal courts at all levels of judicial proceedings, serving as lead counsel in jury trials, bench trials, arbitrations, mediations, administrative hearings and appellate proceedings. Daniel has proven success in obtaining proper and just compensation for his clients, such as his six- and seven-figure trial verdicts which have included extraordinary awards of punitive damages and attorney fees. He also has successfully argued for the issuance of temporary, preliminary and/or permanent injunctive relief for clients who require immediate remedy and/or whose damages could not be properly compensated solely through a monetary award.

As a member of the Minc Law team, Daniel is consistently successful removing news articles and various other web pages containing embarrassing, damaging and defamatory information about his clients, and causing the de-indexing of these web pages from Google and other Internet search engine search results. When necessary to pursue proper relief, he has ‘unmasked’ those individuals who have wrongfully assumed they could remain anonymous in carrying out their devious plans. Daniel has also negotiated non-disparagement agreements and other complex settlements, won court orders compelling the forensic examination of individual’s computers and extraction of the metadata contained on the hard drives, and provided various forms of legal counsel to businesses and high-profile individuals who have been subjected to or threatened with malicious online attacks.

Outside of work, Daniel enjoys spending time with his wife and three children, watching and attending sporting events with friends, working on home improvement and other hands-on projects, and engaging in a variety of outdoor activities. He is an active board member of the Eastside Kickers, a non-profit community-based youth travel soccer club, and contributes volunteer time in various ways to youth sports in the Greater Cleveland area.