Important update regarding Rule 32 Post Conviction Relief (PCR) in Arizona: I get a lot of people asking me about Rule 32 PCR in Arizona because they feel they were mistreated or not represented properly in court. The thing that's really important to know is this: if more than 90 days has passed since your conviction, you have also passed the date that you can file for Post Conviction Relief. The court will not accept requests after the 90 days have passed. So please, if you know you're going to make this request from the court, do not put it off. This is something that you will need an attorney for. As I state in the video on my website, courts don't grant PCR easily. You'll need to have very good reasons as to why you're filing and for them granting it. The court needs to be briefed properly on your case and your attorney will need to be extremely convincing regarding why you should be granted your PCR petition. See the video on my website for additional answers to Rule 32 Post Conviction Relief questions and please feel free to call us to schedule a free consultation if you have further questions. I'll be happy to help in any way I can.

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