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Brian Donnelly
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Brian Donnelly

Attorney Profile

DONNELLY LLC Law Offices provides individuals and businesses in the Cherry Hill, New Jersey, area with comprehensive and complete legal representation. The firm operates on the principle that building and sustaining relationships is the key to client success. The firm's practice was founded on the belief that a specialized small firm can offer higher quality and more cost-efficient legal services within its specialty areas than larger general practice firms.

DONNELLY LLC is a law firm dedicated to providing legal representation to medium and small businesses, non-profit groups, professional associations and individuals throughout New Jersey in complex and routine corporate and business planning, estate planning, and other commercial transactions and in litigation and arbitration involving business matters, debt collection and estate disputes.

When dealing with clients, the goal of DONNELLY LLC is always the same: committed, steadfast service coupled with an understanding of the costs -- both personal and financial -- associated with legal representation. As part of its dedication to building and preserving client relationships, DONNELLY LLC offers flexible fee arrangements, entertaining traditional hourly rate, fixed fee, and contingency fee arrangements to ensure that the fee structure makes sense, meeting the needs of the client and the firm.

Brian Donnelly began his career as an attorney clerking in the Gloucester, Salem and Cumberland County courts. His areas of responsibility included:

  • Business law, including mortgage foreclosures, quiet title actions, partitions of property, contract enforcement, receiverships, and partnership and corporate litigation
  • Estate planning and probate, including the administration of wills, contested will litigation, incapacity hearings, guardianship appointment in medical emergencies, and authorization and supervision of life support procedures

Mr. Donnelly has also worked in firms handling bankruptcy law, creditors' rights and client asset protection, and represented investment firms counseling clients in specialized alternative investments including hedge funds, private equities, physical commodities, futures and other forms of derivative investments. He also reviewed and prepared operating and partnership agreements, purchase agreements, commercial leases, employee agreements, benefit plans, and assisted clients in general corporate compliance counseling.