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Samuel Fishman
The Law Offices of Samuel Fishman
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Samuel Fishman
The Law Offices of Samuel Fishman

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University of Pennsylvania
1996 - 2000


(215) 464-4600

Personal injuries can turn fatal for many people and Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer can help you handle this situation in a better way. It is important to take right steps after a car accident. Apart from taking essential medical help and informing police, talking to an experienced Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer is a must. So, if you have ever faced injuries due to any kind of mishap, consult an attorney as they can help you in getting compensation for your loss. Don’t hesitate to take legal help, even it is quite a long time since you faced that fatal accident.

Practice Area:

  1. Auto Accident
  2. Truck Accident
  3. Slip And Fall
  4. Dog Bite
  5. Motorcycle Accident
  6. Burn Injuries
  7. Boating Accident
  8. Tractor Trailer
  9. Child Injury
  10. Neck Injury
  11. Hit And Run Accident
  12. Uber Accident
  13. Pedestrian Accident
  14. Taxi Accident
  15. Drunk Driving
  16. Head Injury
  17. Spinal Cord Injury
  18. Hotel Accident
  19. Bus Accident