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Stewart Salwin

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 Winning a legal case is important; but more important is the course to a closure that must not hurt a reputation, your pocket, and the peace of a mind. It’s a legal solution zone; you get to bring your issues so that it can be taken care of. Getting featured in the Phoenix was one of the milestones that reflected our badge of awards; more is coming our way because it’s a firm that believes in protecting reputations on both the ends of the table. Even a minor traffic offense can sometimes become a hazardous disaster, and the criminal charges are designed to frame you.

One thing is noted, that it’s not about what the facts and figures are saying, but one must know the roads that you are walking on. With Stewart Salwin, you get into the network of Top Attorneys because when a team gets involved, you get a bouquet of specialist under one roof. Stewart's defense of clients has made news, and in certain instances altered legal precedent in Arizona Criminal Law. His passion for the law coincides with her passion to help people.

He has over a decade of experience in Arizona DUI Law, and will work deligently to give you the best outcome possible.  

Evidenced by client reviews and professional recognition, Stewart believes that everyone deserves a quality defense before are sentenced a life altering punishment.

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