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Andrea Morgan
Morgan Divorce Law Firm
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Andrea Morgan
Morgan Divorce Law Firm

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Loyola University New Orleans
1990 - 1993


(407) 374-2983

 “Some family law attorneys over-litigate the simplest of details.  I believe the best attorneys resolve divorces efficiently without charging tens of thousands of dollars for endless battles.”

Who's in Your Corner?

  • I listen to what you say and hear what you don’t say.
  • I protect you, your family and your assets from destructive over-litigation.
  • I effectively negotiate on your behalf and establish lines of communication to minimize costs.
  • I apply creative problem-solving techniques to your individual set of challenges.
  • I protect your every right to earned assets and the rights you have as a parent.

I pride myself on helpfulness and listening to you, but it’s equally important for you to know exactly what to expect.  Our discussions and sessions should be easy to understand, so I make sure to use clear language.  If anything is ever unclear, ask me.  I’ll be happy to clarify.

You’re in the right place!

As a member of the Florida Bar for over 20 years, I have represented hundreds of clients in trials and contested proceedings.

I’m a graduate of the Loyola University College of Law and an undergraduate of the University of Central Florida (B.A. in Legal Studies).

I have been certified as a Family Mediator by the Florida Supreme Court, am a trained Collaborative Law attorney and a member of the Collaborative Law Group of Central Florida and Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals.

Here’s my Divorce and Family Law website:

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Next Steps

If you’re not ready to meet with an attorney quite yet, I understand.

 I am here to answer questions or concerns you may have while you consider options in divorce or paternity proceedings.  Please feel free to call me at 407-374-2983 or email me at [email protected]