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Regina is the Managing Partner of The Campbell Law Group based in Coral Gables, Florida. She is recognized for her unique insight and resourceful problem-solving skills.

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The recently passed Families First Coronavirus Response Act makes substantial changes to sick and FMLA leave for businesses and employees in 2020. The FFCRA provides new benefits to employees through two new laws: The Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act and the Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act. The requirements of FFCRA are set to take effect April 2, 2020, and expire December 31, 2020. The FFCRA applies to employers of fewer than 500 employees. The Secretary of Labor may issue regulations to exempt businesses with fewer than 50 employees if compliance would jeopardize the viability of the business. Read more on our website!

The FFCRA is a temporary response action to address the effects of COVID-19. Read on or contact us to learn more about Family and Medical Leave.

As the majority of families in this country are faced with shelter in place, shelter at home or lockdown orders from their city or state officials, another problem is brewing underneath the surface, timesharing issues between parents. Read more on our website!

Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 has changed the world. Read on to learn about timesharing issues on lockdown. To learn more, contact our firm today.

Are you considered a Joint Employer under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)? If you are, you may be joint and severally liable for another employer’s employees’ wages and overtime. You are probably saying to yourself; how can that be? The answer lies in the broad definition of “Employer” under the FLSA. The FLSA defines an employer as “any person acting directly or indirectly in the interest of an employer in relation to an employee”. Read more on our website!

Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 has changed the world. Read on to learn about joint employer and timesharing issues on lockdown. Contact our firm today.