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William Barabino
Law Office of William J. Barabino
92 High Street, DH9
Medford, MA 02155

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William Barabino
Law Office of William J. Barabino

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Massachusetts School of Law
2000 - 2003



(781) 393-5900

With a law firm located in Medford, Massachusetts, defense attorney William Barabino has the experience necessary to successfully represent clients in a broad range of criminal defense matters, from driving offenses to drug charges.

The key to success in the courtroom is often thorough preparation. Motivated by a passion for justice, Mr. Barabino dedicates hours to thorough preparation that protects his clients' freedom. He researches legal issues, investigates facts and considers arguments. The result? He creates a strong defense that challenges prosecutors at every step of the way — excluding evidence from trial and forcing them to prove each element of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt.

Boston criminal defense attorney William Barabino has been a staple in the legal community for several years. He has the experience, skill and ability to ensure that you obtain the best results possible. Whether you are charged with a single misdemeanor offense in the District Court or a lifetime felony offense in Superior Court, he is ready to fight for every right that you deserve - and he is with you every step of the way. You can be confident you will have a lawyer that has represented individuals charged with offenses ranging from Homicide, OUI/DWI/DUI, License Suspensions, Juvenile Offenses, Domestic Assault and Battery, Drug Possession, Firearms Charges, Domestic Restraining Orders, Probation Violation, Sex Crimes as well as a range of other offenses.