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Being arrested for DUI is a serious offense. A conviction can follow you around for the rest of your life and impact job applications, housing applications and other areas of life. Additionally, if your job relies on your ability to drive you may find that a DUI arrest and subsequent driving restrictions can highly impact your ability to make money or pursue promotions. If you have been arrested, or if you;re mounting a defense for a family member it's time to talk to an experienced DUI lawyer that can answer your questions quickly, help stop or delay a license suspension, and protect the rights of the accused.

Serving Cities in San Bernardino & Riverside Counties

Our attorneys serve cities in the Inland Empire region of Southern California, and all courts in San Bernardino and Riverside. We have helped clients who have DUI cases in Rancho Cucamonga, Victorville, CA, and even into Pomona and Claremont which are in Los Angeles County. Once you call and schedule an appointment with one of our drunk driving defense lawyers, we can answer your questions quickly and get the accused person the legal representation they need.

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Time is of the essence in the DUI arrest & trial timeline. A person arrested on suspicion of DUI only has 10 days to appeal a drivers' license suspension with California DMV. You need an attorney who focuses on DUI charges to help defend your rights. Call us today and schedule an appointment.

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