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Maria Loomis
Loomis MedLaw
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Maria Loomis
Loomis MedLaw

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(612) 788-4906

As aRegistered Nurse for 33 years, I bring these skills and experiences to help you win your Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury,
Toxic Tort, Environmental Law, or Product Liability cases:

- Hospital patient care: medical-surgical, oncology, solid organ and bone marrow transplant care, pediatric and adult patients.

- Worked in all parts of EMR implementation for 20 years:

  • Due diligence sourcing EMR of choice;
  • Formal, in-class & at-the-elbow training; in-house online training course development;
  • Application configuration of various EMR’s so I know how they enable user charting elements;
  • Implementation support;
  • Security access for hospital patient care roles;
  • Test script development and project manager for device integration enabling data transfer from anesthesia machines and cardiac monitors to the EMR;
  • Optimization- enabling better EMR functionality with end-user communication and design contribution ideas;
  • Workflow process improvement and project work in ambulatory (clinic) patient care.
All of this brings unique insights to the patient care experience, medical record review work for you.



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