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Froerer & Miles
Froerer & Miles, PC

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1985 - 1988


(801) 621-2690

Bryce Froerer is a partner and senior member with Froerer and Miles and has been with the firm since 1994. His practice areas include family law, estate planning, wills, trusts, probate, business organization, guardianships, conservatorships, and personal injury. Mr. Froerer is a strong advocate and works efficiently to find the right solutions for his clients.

Areas of Specialty:

Estate Planning

Bryce Froerer is an officer and senior attorney with the firm of Froerer & Miles, having practiced with the firm since 1994 in the areas of family law, including divorces, paternity actions, custody issues, adoptions, child support matters, and decree modifications; estate planning, including wills, trusts, powers of attorney, medical directives, litigation, estate administration, and probate matters; adult and minor guardianships and conservatorships; business organization, reorganization, and administration, including corporations and limited liability companies; contract review and preparation; and personal injury claims. He also serves as a guardian ad litem, acting as an advocate for the children in domestic disputes.

In representing a client, he first listens carefully to the client’s concerns and expressed needs, then determines how best to resolve those concerns and meet those needs as effectively and efficiently as possible. He realizes that clients rely on him to act in their best interests, and feels a deep responsibility to respect the trust they have placed in him for legal counsel.

Bryce has been married for 31 years, is the father of four sons, and has one granddaughter, all of which lend him practical experience as well as legal expertise.

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