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Daniel Layton

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(951) 797-6329

  • Orange County Tax Attorney Blog 
    A blog written by Orange County tax attorney, Daniel W. Layton discussing tax law, court cases, and tax updates.
  • Criminal Tax Attorney 
    Daniel W. Layton will bring his 14 years of criminal and civil tax fraud litigation experience to your side to protect your rights and zealously defend you from IRS overreach.
  • Tax Trial Attorney
    Daniel W. Layton is a tax trial attorney who brings real and verifiable tax trial experience to the table.
  • Tax Audits, Protests & Appeals 
    Daniel W. Layton, Esq. represents Orange County and South Bay clients in sophisticated tax audits, protests and appeals before the IRS, the FTB, the BOE, the EDD, and the county assessor’s office.
  • Biography
    Daniel W. Layton has dedicated his career to providing the highest level of representation to his clients in tax audits, appeals, trials, and criminal tax investigations.

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