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Chesley Oriel - Massachusetts Debt Collection Attorneys

Chesley Oriel
Massachusetts Debt Collection Attorneys
199 Wells Ave, Newton MA 02459
Newton, MA 02459

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Chesley Oriel
Massachusetts Debt Collection Attorneys

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Law School

Suffolk University
1966 - 1970


(617) 401-7400

 With over fifty years of combined collection experience, we offer our clients the experience, know-how, and means to successfully collect the money that is owed to them. We treat each client with respect; we are responsive to our client’s questions and concerns; and we understand and appreciate our client’s responsibilities and challenges in running their business. If your business is owed money, we can help. Call us to discuss your claim and Let’s Talk.

We do not accept all the collection cases that clients bring to us. We believe that once an attorney accepts a case for collection, that the attorney has an obligation to attempt to collect the debt as soon as possible. Because most of our clients pay us on a contingent fee basis, we both have the same interest of collecting as much as possible as quick as possible. It makes sense to us as well as to our clients. The sooner they get paid, the sooner they can either pay their own bills or they can put the money collected to work, generating new business and hence more profit.

We provide our clients with a written fee agreement that clearly spells out what our fee is based upon as well as the client’s responsibility regarding expenses. Therefore there are no surprises and the client knows what to expect.

In the “collection world”, the only way an Attorney is going to be successful in collecting the client’s debt is to be aggressive, and to let the debtor know that unless they file for bankruptcy the debt will be collected.

Depending on the type of commercial collection matter that we have, we usually contact the debtor by letter and make a demand for payment, giving the debtor a stated amount of time to respond to the demand letter or know that suit will be filed.

We keep our clients informed of our progress, and it is always the client’s decision, not ours, as to whether or not a settlement offered by the debtor should be accepted. We will of course provide our clients with our advice as to what we think they should do, but the ultimate decision is theirs to make, not ours.

We believe that if we provide aggressive and effective commercial legal services, that our clients will be pleased which will result in them referring other clients to us.

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