Updating Employee Policies May Cut Lawsuit Risk Employers are responsible for creating and maintaining appropriate workplace standards. These uniform personnel policies should guide employee behavior while giving the employee actionable tools for certain situations. When these standardized practices are applied consistently to all employees, it can reduce the risk of liability to the employer. A business transaction attorney can help your company navigate the web of complex laws that guide employer-employee relations. Creating an employee handbook may be the most efficient way for an employer to communicate critical information to all employees. Having an experienced lawyer draft the employee manual ensures all policies are within the boundaries of the law. It is important to update this manual regularly to keep up with new legal requirements. The employee handbook relays personnel practices to new employees as they are hired so the message is understood by all employees, regardless of their length of employment or position. Establishing policies for employers can help the company comply with employment laws. For example, independent contractor agreements should clearly identify the rights and obligations of each party. If elements are missing, the employer may be at risk of legal action from the employee.

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