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Amelia Jones
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Amelia Jones
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(940) 215-0707

My Beginings

As a native Californian, born to parents from Louisiana and Texas, I was destined to make it to the south after graduating from high school. However, life had many adventures in store for me prior to making my home in Texas. In 2000, I entered the United States Army, served as a Psychological Operations Specialist and worked with the Military Police Corps throughout the U.S. and in Korea. I learned many valuable skills throughout my years of service, most importantly the meaning of integrity, loyalty, and grit. These skills have been the foundation of every aspect of my career since leaving the Army.

My Experience

After leaving the Army, I moved to Nashville, TN, where I worked in the insurance business moving up the ranks in an independent agency. I held many positions ranging from agent, manager, director, Consultant and to eventually owning my own very successful agency, here in Texas. 


Being a small business owner provided me with invaluable insight into the legal needs and the struggles that businesses and individuals face each day. 


Additionally, it allowed me the opportunity to partner with many large corporations with whom I maintain strong relationships. The interaction with clients, other small businesses and corporate America, fine tuned my abilities to work with all different personalities, income levels and cultures. 


After spending over 10 years in the insurance business, I felt my skills could be better utilized in the legal field. I selected Texas Tech University School of Law, solely based on its proven capabilities of producing trial ready attorneys. 


Law school changed my life in many ways. It ignited my passion to help those who could not help themselves to its highest level. The University provided me with so many wonderful opportunities to grow both individually and professionally. 


I have been truly blessed to be taught by some of the finest and to have had the opportunity to work with fantastic mentors, who remain a valuable part of my legal tool kit to this day.


Over the last year Jones & Associates in Denton has had the opportunity to provide legal services in Denton and the surrounding counties to more than 100 wonderful businesses, individuals, and families. We look forward to assisting you with your legal service needs whenever that need may arise.


When you need attorneys in Denton, Dallas or the surrounding counties who provide focused, individualized legal advice call Jones & Associates, (940) 215- 0707.

Why you should hire Jones & Associates

A very dear friend of mine once described me as, "the pit bull, you know the dog every one is a little scared of, but you really want to be around, and the one you definitely want in your corner when things get ugly." 


I'm not sure I agree with that statement in it's entirety, but what I can say is that Jones & Associates is a firm that is committed to fighting for our clients. We don't quit when things get difficult, we grind it out and look for another path to accomplish our clients goals. 


Many times I am asked how do we handle the case load that we do, here at Jones & Associates? 


The answer is simple, we have an AMAZING support staff. Although I pride myself in participating in a significant amount of our client interaction, it would be impossible to accomplish the work we do without my staff. Each of them put the same maximum effort into each and every task as I do and I am so grateful for their support.


Why hire Jones & Associates for your legal services?


Simply put, "we have an addiction . . . and it's called winning" for our client's. Our clients provide us with their end goal and we strive to not only achieve that goal, but exceed it. 


When you need a focused, individualized strategy for your specific legal matter, give Jones & Associates a call. You won't regret it!

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