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Peter Olson
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Peter Olson
The Olson Law Firm, LLC

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Our legal service business consists of three primary practice areas: Elder, Family, and Real Property law. Our elder law practice consists of estate planning, long-term care planning, probate administration, guardianships, senior housing, elder abuse issues and general government benefits. Our practice also consists of the representation of senior living facilities. The typical clientèle in this area consist of aging persons or their families who need to provide for their personal and financial well being now and into the future. We want to provide for the ever-evolving needs of retiring baby-boomers. Our family law practice consists of original divorce proceedings, child support enforcement, child custody, parentage (paternity) proceedings, Orders of Protection and adoptions. The typical clientele in this area consist of individuals often struggling in a relationship that needs to end but whose best interests must be protected. Often minor children are involved. Also, many clients require court enforcement of previously entered divorce or related judgments. These matters are highly personal and emotional matters that will have a lifetime impact on familial relationships. Our real property practice consists of commercial and residential real estate transactional representation, landlord-tenant leasing and eviction, association (board) representation, condominium conversions and original condominium formation and development. The typical clientele in this area range from young adults buying their first home or renting their first apartment to mid-sized condominium developers and commercial landlords.

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This compliance bundle provides 33 hours of CLE credit including the required 5 hours of ethics, professionalism, substance abuse, and mental illness awareness credit, along with the required 3 Technology credits.