Edward Fargione - Savannah Divorce Lawyer

Edward Fargione
Savannah Divorce Lawyer
585 Research Drive, Suite D
Athens, GA 30605


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Edward Fargione
Savannah Divorce Lawyer

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Law School

Georgia State University
1990 - 1996




Family Law Attorneys Serving Atlanta and the surrounding metro counties.

The lawyers of Fargione, Thomas & McRae provides experienced family law attorneys and believe in a team approach to family law. Our team provides you the resources of three attorneys and a paralegals. Depending on your needs, we may bring in experts and professionals from disciplines including finance, accounting, parenting, trial consulting, tax planning, and psychology to develop a strong, effective case. A professional team with substantial experience in divorce law will save you money and give you the peace of mind that your case is in good hands. Negotiating parenting plans and property division agreements can be an intense process, and you will most likely want to engage in a continuing dialogue with your lawyer over a period of time. We offer high-quality, personal attention combined with timely and efficient online communications to help you deal with issues as they arise. We represent business owners, professional services providers, technology professionals, medical professionals and their spouses, software and aerospace engineers, and teachers.

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