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Matthew Knez

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(951) 742-7681

In the past year, the firm has successfully prosecuted and/or defended numerous cases. Most recently, the firm has settled a multi-million-dollar products liability case involving defective residential sprinkler heads, and obtained a six-figure settlement in a legal malpractice case and a medical malpractice case. The firm takes a personal, passionate and methodical approach in family law cases, knowing when to be aggressive, when to exercise restraint and ensuring the best possible result for our clients. This approach has facilitated favorable results in several divorce and child custody cases over the past years.

Primarily, Knez Law Group handles the following types of cases:

If you need a business or family attorney in Riverside, the Knez Law Group can help provide you with sound legal advice. We are attorneys serving the entire Inland Empire and regularly handle cases in Los Angeles, Orange County and as far south as San Diego and as far north as Sacramento.

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