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The Electrocution Lawyers

The Electrocution Lawyers is the nation’s only law firm focused exclusively on protecting families involved in electrocution and shock injury cases, many at the hands of negligent utility companies. We have more than 30 years of experience litigating electrocution cases. And we have the resources and the track record that allows our attorneys to litigate these cases anywhere in the U.S..

But most importantly, we understand these cases. We understand the catastrophic and heart-wrenching impact they can have on the devastated families left behind.

Our attorneys strive to provide personalized and compassionate legal representation. We combine this commitment to the families we serve with a proven record of some of the top-reported trial verdicts and settlements.

Electrocution shock injury and death cases are a unique, challenging and complex field of personal injury law.  We also understand that going up against the large power and utility companies may feel like “David fighting Goliath” for the families. But we level the playing field.

Our attorneys have developed a nationwide network of some of top experts to assist in the investigation of these cases. And we’re committed to uncovering the often shocking safety violations that usually accompany these cases.

We also work with attorneys throughout the United States, including through attorney co-counsel and/or pro hac vice representation. We’re licensed in Florida, New York, Michigan, Wyoming, the Federal Courts and the U.S. Court of Claims. In addition, we’ve handled cases from one end of the country to the other and in the U.S. Court of Appeals.

We’re committed to providing our clients and referral attorneys with the very best possible legal advice and representation. Our commitment will include:

  • Thorough investigations: We know how to use every possible means to obtain the information that’s often times intentionally kept from us when power companies are the first to arrive at the scene.
  • Taking on an industry and making changes to keep us all safe: The power and utility companies often display amazing arrogance and disregard to the safe repair of infrastructure, and their ability to escape accountability by fiercely defending these cases and ratcheting up the complexity and litigation costs to a successful conclusion. We have the financial resources and the track record to stop these games and hold them accountable.
  • Top electrocution experts: We work with a vast network of leading national figures from around the country who can help prove your case, including those from engineering, scientific and medical disciplines.
  • Constant communication: This means our attorneys are always available to you when you have a question and are committed to keeping you appraised of the details of your case.
  • We give our clients our personal cell phones: And we return every call, even on nights and weekends.

We’re committed to providing our clients and referral attorneys with the very best possible legal advice and representation. For more details contact us at (248) 742-5300 or visit our website

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