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Bobby Shamuilian
Top Justice Team
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Bobby Shamuilian
Top Justice Team

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2007 - 2011



The Los Angeles Law offices of Tarman and Shamuilian provide L.A.'s best criminal defense especially in DUI cases.

Los Angeles DUI Attorneys (Driving Under the Influence in California)

California DUI laws are among the most strict in the Country.  In Los Angeles thousands find themselves in jail or in trouble for DUIs each year. 

Kirk & Bobby are seasoned attorneys with a long track-record of successfully defending clients who have been accused of Drunk Driving in L.A..

You might think that just being caught with an alcohol level of .08% BAC is sufficient to put you away but this isn't always the case.  There are many opportunities from negligence on the part of the Police, or whether the stop itself was actually lawful.  There are ways to fight the testimonies of the officers and to argue that the evidence has problems or that the chain of evidence had been broken meaning that your blood sample may have been in the hands of someone it shouldn't have.  There are many ways to fight a DUI allegation in Los Angeles courts.

It takes experienced DUI attorneys who know the L.A. Courts and Judges to successfully defend a case.

We also represent you at the vital DMV hearing so that you can get your license back as soon as possible.

If you're a 2 or 3 time DUI suspect then it is even more vital that you seek a strong defense so that you can maximize your chances of avoiding a lengthy jail sentence.

Drinking and driving, especially for under-age drivers, can ruin your life.  It is important to go with a team that wins cases.  Kirk & Bobby know the law, they know how the courts work and they know the ways to challenge the Police, the DA (District Attorney) or CA (City Attorney) and how to negotiate for the best possible plea bargains.

Take a look at the reviews of clients on our website, clients just like you, who have been saved from very heavy penalties, fees, and even jail.

We also represent our clients successfully in many criminal law fields from burglary and theft to drug and weapons charges to accusations of Domestic Violence, Fraud and more.

Contact us for a FREE consultation today.  It is very important that you get the defense you need and quickly.

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