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Mila Boyd
Mila Boyd Law Offices
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Mila Boyd
Mila Boyd Law Offices

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1981 - 1988


(360) 433-9361

 One of the most complex parts of recovering from an injury is dealing with the different insurance companies. At Mila Boyd Law Offices, we understand the need to balance assertive legal counsel with sensitivity to what our clients are going through. Don’t wait and meet with an attorney for a free consultation.


Our Practice Areas include: -

- Personal Injuries

- Vehicle Crashes

- Truck Accidents

- Insurance Claims

- Brain Injuries

- Wrongful Death

- Dog Bites


You may have a legal right to recovery against someone else for causing you injury, but you may lose this right if you do not bring a claim on time.


If you have experienced injuries in a motor vehicle or truck accident as a result of someone else’s negligence, it is imperative that you speak with a Personal Injury attorney Mila Boyd Law Offices as soon as possible. Contact our offices today at (360) 433-9361.


You can also contact us at EMAIL: [email protected]

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