Martin Barnes

Martin Barnes

Barnes Cadwell Law

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10475 Crosspoint Blvd, Suite 250,
Indianapolis, IN 46256

(317) 804-5058


Martin Barnes

Barnes Cadwell Law

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(317) 804-5058

Martin Barnes is an experienced estate planning and social security disability lawyer practicing in the state of Indiana. Our legal practice is focused on social security disability, estate planning, probate and estate administration, wills, and trusts.


We serve client’s with integrity and help them to obtain social security disability benefits, develop their estate plans and the preparation of wills and trusts, navigate the probate administration process, and protect creditors’ rights.


Estate planning can be complex, engage the services of a skilled Indianapolis estate planning attorney by calling us.


Our Practice Areas include :-

• Social Security Disability

• Estate Planning – Wills – Trusts – Probate

• Probate

• Creditors’ Rights

• Support for small business


If you need the assistance with an attorney, please call the law office of Martin Barnes at (317) 804-5058 for a free consultation. 

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