Marc Allen - Balance Legal Capital - Litigation Funder

Marc Allen
Balance Legal Capital - Litigation Funder
1 Fore Street
London, EC2Y 5EJ

+44 203 514 5116

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Marc Allen
Balance Legal Capital - Litigation Funder

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+44 203 514 5116

Who we are

We are a team of litigators. We advise a well-capitalised private fund dedicated to investing globally in commercial litigation and arbitration.

We have extensive disputes experience from the world’s leading litigation firms, strategic and financial expertise, and a deep network in the business and legal community.

We have practised in common law and civil law jurisdictions and are advised by Lord David Gold, one of the UK’s most experienced and distinguished lawyers.

What we do

From our HQ in London, we invest in commercial disputes around the world brought by businesses, entrepreneurs, investors and shareholders, whether individually or as members of a class, at all stages of the litigation or arbitration process.

Our capital is used by litigants and law firms to cover legal fees and disbursements associated with pursuing a claim or to support business operations.

In return for our capital – which we usually provide on a non-recourse basis – we  share in any recovery obtained through settlement or ultimate adjudication of the case.

We abide by the Code of Conduct published by the Association of Litigation Funders.