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Wilkinson & Magruder, LLP
Wilkinson & Magruder, LLP
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Wilkinson & Magruder, LLP
Wilkinson & Magruder, LLP

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At Wilkinson & Magruder, LLP, we practice almost exclusively in Social Security disability law in Georgia and South Carolina. We handle all types of claims and at all different stages, including hearings and appeals. Our team is dedicated to seeking maximum compensation in every disability claim case. 

To get a better understanding of whether you will qualify for benefits, it is in your best interest to consult disability attorneys. In case you are a disabled person and are unable to work, consult an Augusta disability lawyer for the enforcement of your long-term disability benefits.  

Our Practice Areas – Social Security Disability, Veterans Disability Claims, ERISA/LTD Claims.

If you want to pursue a claim for long term disability benefits contact an Augusta disability lawyer from Wilkinson & Magruder, LLP at (706) 550-6705 for free claim evaluation