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Dustin Sanchez
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Dustin Sanchez
Dustin Sanchez TV

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Law School

University of Houston Law Center
2006 - 2010



(832) 305-5997

Hi, I'm Dustin Sanchez...welcome to the best LawLink profile on the internet.

Who Am I?

I graduated from the University of Houston Law Center in 2010, and I practiced Oil & Gas Law in Texas for just over 4 years.

In my second year of law school I read Tim Ferriss' awesome book The 4-Hour Workweek and realized that I couldn't spend the next 35 years trapped in a nightmare called, Death by Cubicle.

Being a lawyer was my 3rd or 4th try at making a living by working for people.

I was a... ...and then one day I read that book and decided I was going to jump off of the American corporate hamster wheel that we all cling to so tightly under the illusion of job security.

I started a myspace blog. It took off like wildfire. I started learning how to build websites. I started learning how to rank websites in the Google search engine.

Then one day I looked at my bank account and I was making more money with my little online marketing business than I ever had as an attorney.

So I quit the practice of law and started a company helping lawyers get their websites to the first page of the Google search results for their specific kewyords, i.e., houston divorce lawyer for men, san diego dwi attorney, plano car accident lawyer, miami family law, chicago business lawyer...
Who Do I Help?

I help law firms who need to...

  1. Be on the first page of the Google search results for their specific keyword.
  2. Make more money by pulling clients off of the internet all day every day.
How Do I Help Them?

I make potential clients call their law firm and ask them to be their lawyer. I do this by putting them on the first page of the Google search results for their specific keyword.

...And by creating Facebook advertising campaigns that convert like gangbusters (like the one below that landed a divorce client less than 8 hours after being posted).

Yes...I ran this FB Ad and in less than 8 hours, and for the ad cost of about $6, I landed a $5k to $10k divorce client for the lawyer I was helping (I'm assuming that's about how much a TX divorce costs since the only one I ever did in Harris county was pro-bono).

(832) 305-5997 | Dustin Sanchez Is Lawyer Marketing

You can find me on the web at...


And I do make the occaisional YouTube video...

Some of you may have watched the video I did about lawyer marketing on sites like AVVO.


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I can also be found on blogger, wordpress.com, feedburner, pinterest, delicious, diggo, the facebook, I'm so LinkedIn, and you know that you can find me all over G+...

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Don't Forget That I Am A Lawyer...

Here is my Texas State Bar Online Profile.

I have an AVVO Page as well, but I think they took it down when they realized I was unhappy with some of their lawyer advertising practices, if they put it back up, it will be here.

More to follow...