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Plumtree & Associates is a boutique construction law firm specializing in representing general contractors, custom homebuilders, 8a contractors, remodelers, subcontractors, suppliers, engineers and architects in both California and Nevada. The firm represents clients in public, industrial, commercial and residential construction. Area of representation include, contract litigation, mechanics liens, bonded stop notices, delay claims, differing site conditions, change order negotiation/litigation, disgorgement, California Home Improvement Contract Issues, contract drafting/negotiation, CSLB license issues, business formation, expansion and dissolution, zoning, code enforcement, etc. The firm is a regular guest lecturer for numerous organizations including the National Business Institute, California Professional Association of Specialty Contractors, Building Industry Association, Southern California Remodelers’ Council.

Plumtree & Associates also is experienced with CSLB license defense.  A contractor should always be represented when a complaint is made against its license with the CSLB.

Finally, Plumtree & Associates has recently expanded its practice area to include representing construction businesses and construction employers in all areas of workers compensation.

Our firm decided to expand our practice into workers compensation after being asked by several clients to defend them in workers compensation lawsuits. Each time, we asked why. They told us that they wanted to utilize our knowledge of construction to limit their liability. In one case we were able to show that an employee was anything but truthful. I utilized the building permit to show the construction project was at a different phase then what the employee testified to in his deposition. 

These areas include

 -Serious and Willful Misconduct Claims 

 -Uninsured Workers Compensation Defense 

 -Labor Code Violations Under Section 132a 

 -Claims Against Self-Insured Construction Contractors

 -Insurance Defense.


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Plumtree & Associates has created a low cost flat fee non-binding construction mediation program that is designed to help property owners and contractors resolve construction disputes between $10,000 and $40,000 without the necessity of attorneys—although attorneys are allowed to attend. The cost is $1,500 for 1/2 day and $3,000 for a full day. For more information please go to the link below.

Low Cost Mediation Mediation Without Attorneys Do you have a construction dispute but do not want to pay for an attorney? Trial or arbitration can be cost prohibitive for small construction disputes when the monetary amount in dispute is between…