With Summer Approaching, Motorcyclists Should Take Care As enjoyable as a motorcycle can be to ride, a bike also has the potential to be dangerous. Motorcycle riders and passengers are exposed. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that 4,985 motorcyclists were killed and tens of thousands more were injured in crashes in 2018 alone. With summer coming up, it is crucial that motorcyclists take additional care to protect their health and safety. June, July, and August are the Top Months for Motorcycle Accidents Year after year, motorcycle accidents increase during the summer months. The three top months of motorcycle accidents on a national level are June, July, and August. July is the peak. A recent report from a nationwide insurance company estimated that 78 percent more motorcycle accidents happen in July than in the average month. Why are there more motorcycle crashes over the summer? Highway safety experts cite several factors: Volume: Good weather leads to an overall increase in motorcycle volume. There are more motorcycles—and other automobiles—on the road during the summer months. Construction: In many jurisdictions, highway construction efforts are at their peak in the summer season. Construction on already busy roadways can increase safety hazards, especially for vulnerable road users like motorcyclists. More Risky Behavior: There is some evidence that risky driving behavior, particularly speeding and intoxicated driving, increase during the summer months. While this is not just an issue for motorcyclists, they can often bear the brunt of the impact. Saturdays are the Highest Risk Days for Motorcycle Accidents There is maybe no better time to take a motorcycle out on the road than on a sunny Saturday afternoon during the peak of summer. It is also the time of year when the highest total number of motorcycle accidents occur. Indeed, a study cited by the Claims Journal found that “the top five days of the year with the most motorcycle claims are all Saturdays throughout the summer.” Safety Tips that Motorcyclists Can Use in the Summer of 2021 Although motorcyclists can never completely eliminate the possibility of accidents, there are proactive steps that you can take to reduce your risk of being seriously injured in a highway collision. Here are four safety tips that motorcyclists can use this summer: Always wear a DOT-approved motorcycle safety helmet. The data is overwhelming: Motorcycle helmets prevent brain injuries and save lives. Perform regular motorcycle maintenance. An inspected and well-maintained bike is a far safer bike. Make yourself as visible as possible. A large share of multi-vehicle motorcycle wrecks occur because drivers fail to notice the presence of a bike. Do not speed. Speeding on a motorcycle is extremely dangerous. It is one of the leading causes of serious motorcycle accidents. In the unfortunate event that you are hurt in a motorcycle collision, it is essential that you seek immediate medical attention. Severe injuries require a trip to the emergency room. Even non-emergency injuries should always be evaluated by a qualified physician. Your health, safety, and well-being must come first.

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