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TruCounsel Marketing is not just another SEO company. We are an ethical,  full-service online marketing company catering exclusively to attorneys. Our clients enjoy a range of services, all geared towards building your brand, and increasing visibility while recognizing the ever-changing world of online marketing.

Here are some of the services we include for every client:

Attorney SEO

SEO for Attorneys

Ranking #1 for any given search term is a powerful, powerful tool. It can bring in tons of new clients and make the difference from being good to being the best. Our SEO services are top notch. We don’t try to trick the search engines. We don’t use spammy links or questionable marketing methods. We help your firm become relevant and show the search engines how relevant you are. That ethical SEO method simply works.

Web Design for Attorneys

You need somebody to re-design and optimize your website?  You need constantly updated and relevant content to bring traffic? You want to make sure your website is serving as a powerful marketing hub for your brand, and not just another placeholder on the internet?  Yeah, we do that. It’s all part of the TruCounsel Marketing service package.

Online Branding Services

Wondering how to bring attention to your site and your brand? Want to make sure that when locals search for your specialty you’re on the map? Would you like to know what people all over the internet are saying  about you? We’ll take care of you and your brand.

Social Media Services

Sure, we all know about facebook, but how exactly does one go about making it work for a business? Is there a good way to increase brand recognition using Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and all the other social sites out there? Can we market there without crossing ethical lines?  Our experienced staff will help.

Real World Marketing

Do you ever wish you had the time and resources to connect with other local businesses? Wouldn’t it be nice to organize and execute events for local charities – and get a little press attention from it as well? We’ll take the hassle out of your hands and be sure you get noticed for your efforts.

You’re probably thinking “Wait a minute, this is an online marketing company. Why bother with the real world stuff?”

Two reasons:

First, no marketing plan is complete with only an online effort.

Second, search engines like Google are getting better and better at identifying what’s important to us human beings instead of what’s important to computers. This means that nowadays a single citation to your site from a reputable news source may be worth ten thousand spammy blog comments. Sure, using a spam-spewing computer program is a lot easier than organizing and executing a fun run for a local charity, but the computer program won’t get you recognition, and it certainly won’t change the world for the better in the process.

So give TruCounsel Marketing’s “Powerful and Ethical” approach a try. Your business will be better, and the world will be better too.