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Debra Paris
Debra E. Paris, P.C.
418 Pirkle Ferry Rd #111
Cumming, GA 30040

(678) 400-7151

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Debra Paris
Debra E. Paris, P.C.

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Law School

California Western
1986 - 1989


(678) 400-7151

My name is Debra E. Paris; I am an attorney at law in Cumming, Georgia. I practice all aspects of family law, including divorce, consumer bankruptcy, and juvenile law. I have been providing a broad range of legal services to both business and individual clients, throughout metro Atlanta and North Georgia since 1996.

I recognize the emotional and financial strains that a family undergoing divorce will experience. There is much to consider; alimony, child support and child custody can impact each family member individually as much it will the family as a whole.

It is my goal to provide a supportive, non-judgmental environment that enables my clients to feel comfortable and develop a trusting relationship with me, while addressing the complex and often heated issues in each of their cases.

I believe in educating my clients so that they better understand the legal basis and implications their decisions will ultimately have on their case and their lives. I always protect my client’s rights and strongly advocate for them, whether fighting in court during a trial or settling the dispute through negotiation, mediation, or collaborative law.

Many years of legal experience have taught me that ugly family court battles rarely end satisfactorily. If possible, I will find a way to work with the other attorneys and family members to settle the dispute to everyone’s benefit, especially the children. This is because the parties to the dispute are most familiar with the facts and circumstances of the case, not a judge who is a stranger. And the parties, not the judge, have control over the final outcome. After all, it is the parties and not the judge who will have to live with the terms of the final order on a daily basis for many years.

I am committed to help guide my clients through this complicated legal process to find solutions that will work, not only for today, but long into the future.