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Brendan Goldman

New Policy Institute

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The foreclosure research and foreclosure prevention efforts put forth by the New Policy Institute have been designed with the intention of helping homeowners receive the best possible outcome regarding real estate. While it is clear that many homeowners have been put into mortgages which they could not afford and which they knowingly purchased without the sufficient income and stability to handle, there are nonetheless a multitude of additional homeowners who have been preyed upon by predatory lending practices. The purpose of our institute is to protect homeowners. 

If you have been foreclosed upon wrongfully, reach out to our center for more information about options. Large class action lawsuits have been settled over recent years and additional mass litigation has been undertaken and continues to be brought against the major banks. 

Foreclosure prevention can come through bankruptcy:

  • Bankruptcy could help you keep your home
  • Foreclosure prevention through a chapter 13 bankruptcy repayment plan could help you keep your home long-term
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy could help you clear deficiency balances from a prior foreclosure
  • Ch. 7 bankruptcy could assist you in a strategic default
  • Ch. 13 bankruptcy could assist with the catching up of mortgage arrears through a repayment plan under the direction of the trustee's office in your local bankruptcy court jurisdiction

Call the New Policy Institute with questions or to discuss policy issues and how they affect you. If you are contemplating your options, a wise option includes calling a foreclosure law firm to discuss your options and your individual case.

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