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Mark Nicely
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Gambling Tax Issues

Since Mark Nicely's initial expert witness report and testimony for the Gagliardi Federal tax case, we have successfully helped other gamblers overcome their battles with the IRS. In some cases, our knowledge of the gambling industry in general and player tracking reports in general is all that was needed to properly educate the IRS agents involved. In other cases, context-appropriate math analysis and expert witness report were required to achieve success.

Our service in this area should not be necessary -- the IRS should know better. Some agents seem not to understood the terminology and/or basic math of gambling. Other maybe thought baseless claims would not be challenged. No matter the circumstances, we have extensive skills and knowledge to help defend against IRS mistakes.

Visit Nicely Done Defense for complete summary of his cases to date.


One of the most important aspects of successful game design and development is intellectual property, specifically patents and trademarks.

We can help you search and consider existing patents and prior art publications. Once it appears that you may have an innovate, patentable idea, we can help craft your initial disclosure to:

¤ Identify and explain the most valuable innovations.
¤ Broaden coverage to reduce opportunity for work-arounds.
¤ Clearly explain the invention and context so that your attorney, and the patent office, avoid the all-too-likely misinterpretations.
¤ Provide cost-efficient diagrams and flow-charts for effective communication

These services are meant to augment, not replace, those of a qualified patent attorney or patent agent. Since we can conduct the research and take care of filing details at paralegal rates, you can control your legal budget accordingly. And if you are looking for a good patent attorney with gaming experience, (something we highly recommend) you can benefit from our experience about who to consider.

Likewise, if you are an attorney or patent holder looking to defend a claim, our math and gaming experts are available for consultation and expert witness duty.

Visit Nicely Done Defense for additional details about our legal services. Please see Mark Nicely's patent portfolio of over 50 US gaming patents for slot games and bonuses, table games, progressive jackpot games & systems, video poker games, multi-player bonuses, gaming systems, mobile innovations, novelty games, etc.

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$77 For 33 Hours of Florida CLE Full Compliance - Lowest Price
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