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David Ward
The Ward Law Firm
1661 Edgeley Way
Lawrenceville, GA 30044

(770) 383-1973

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David Ward
The Ward Law Firm

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Law School

Campbell University
2001 - 2004



(770) 383-1973

The polestar of his practice is straight forward: Accomplish his clients’ goals and objectives; through negotiation where possible, through litigation when necessary.

• Receive a comprehensive and thorough review of your case from a knowledgable criminal defense lawyer
• Obtain the benefits of all constitutional protections under both the State and Federal Constitutions
• Access to and counsel regarding the effective use of experts in presenting your case
• In DUI cases, you will have the benefit of a Lawrenceville DUI/DWI lawyer who is certified in the administration of Standardized Field Sobriety Tests

• Have an experienced divorce lawyer by your side to help protect that which is most important to you
• Obtain the tactical and strategic advantages available through the effective use of the rules of court and civil procedure
• Receive the benefits of having a family law attorney that is a former financial planner prepare or evaluate alimony and equitable division settlement offers
• Benefit from a child custody lawyer with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the deviations that may be available under the child support guidelines

• Understand the options available to you in pursuing your claim
• Learn the importance of medical evidence in establishing and maximizing the value of your claim from an experienced personal injury lawyer
• Receive assistance in negotiating reductions in medical bills in order to maximize your recovery

A competent lawyer can settle your case; a good lawyer can try your case; a great lawyer knows when each is appropriate. Contact David J. Ward today at [email protected]. He can help determine which is appropriate in your case and how to best achieve your goals.