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Jason Ausman
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Law School

Creighton University
1997 - 2001




Jason Ausman
Omaha personal injury attorney Jason Ausman practices in the areas medical malpractice, personal injury, defective products and workers' compensation. He graduated from Creighton University School of Law in 2001 where he was president of the Student Bar Association. He received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Creighton University in 1998. Jason is a member of the Nebraska Association of Trial Attorneys, the Nebraska Bar Association, and the Omaha Bar Association.

Former Insurance Defense Lawyer
I spent my first two years as a lawyer working for a large Omaha law firm, and specialized in representing insurance companies in the defense of personal injury lawsuits. While I enjoyed the experience of working with some of the best attorneys in Omaha, I quickly realized I ultimately wanted to represent accident victims, rather than insurance companies. However, I would not trade the experience I gained representing insurance companies – I gained valuable insight into the claims handling processes utilized by insurance companies to value claims. I use those experiences to this day when counseling my clients in an effort to maximize the value of their claims.

Whose case is it, anyway?
I have heard prospective clients tell me they are nervous about hiring a lawyer because they feel like they would be losing control of their case. I make it very clear to my clients that they remain in control of their claim. I cannot and do not make any attempts to settle a claim without my client first providing me with approval. Conversely, I do not reject any settlement offers without first having brought the offer to my clients. I certainly counsel my clients regarding the pros and cons of settling out of court versus going to trial. I provide my opinion regarding whether I believe a settlement offer provides fair compensation. However, my goal in every case is to provide my clients with all of the information available to allow them to make the best decision for them – not for me. After all, it’s your case, and typically, it’s your only shot at compensation; therefore, the decision should be yours and yours alone.

No need to apologize
Sometimes I have prospective clients call and say some version of the following: “I’m really sorry to have to call you, I’ve never done this before, I am not the suing type, but here’s what happened to me…”. The fact of the matter is I really haven’t met a whole lot of folks who ARE the “suing type.” Most folks have better things to do with their time than hang out in their doctor’s or lawyer’s office. The litigation process is not fun. No matter the compensation ultimately provided my clients, I have yet to hear any of them tell me they would do it again, if given the chance. Frankly, most everyone I’ve ever represented is appreciative of the efforts we make to try and provide a fair compensation, but I also hear they’d give every penny of it back (and then some), if they could go back in time, and somehow erase their accident.