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Erin Kirkpatrick is an experienced and resourceful trial attorney who stays focused on keeping abreast of every legal development in the practice of criminal law, and has provided skilled and dedicated representation to Riverside Criminal Defendants for nearly 13 years. If there is any issue, fact, or piece of evidence that will turn the case in her client’s favor, Ms. Kirkpatrick will find it and use it to her client’s benefit.

Erin was first an undergraduate at Ohio State University for 2 years before graduating with a Bachelor of Science from Akron University.

Erin then decided to join the Akron Police Academy in 1996 and graduated 2nd in her class. She then worked as a police officer until deciding to further pursue an education in law.

Erin moved from Ohio to California to attend law school at Thomas Jefferson School of Law. Throughout law school Erin clerked for a criminal defense attorney. After passing the bar in 2001, she started working as a criminal defense attorney.

She worked for the Law Office of the Public Defender in Riverside County from 2002 until January 2013.

She has handled over 10,000 cases, conducted over 300 preliminary hearings, 75 trials(felony and misdemeanor) ranging from DUI to a Death Penalty Case.

She has dealt with 5 murder cases and has appeared on the show "20/20" involving one of those cases.

Let Erin help you get the justice and fair treatment you deserve.

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