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Michael Crouse
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Michael Crouse
The McCann Law Group, L.L.P.

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Appalachian Law School
2007 - 2010



855 204-3764 x 7321

Our firm is a full service consumer advocacy law firm headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida.  Our main practice areas:  Foreclosure defense, lender work outs, and consumer bankruptcy.

 We are a national firm with over 210 Local Associate Attorneys in 48 states and partners in 22 states; and growing.  Our Firm is rapidly expanding its foreclosure defense practice and we are seeking qualified attorneys to partner with throughout the country as we aggressively negotiate with and possibly litigate against Mortgage Lenders and Servicers.  Each of our attorneys has their own practice or is an associate of another firm; your relationship with our firm would be separate and concurrent.

 Our business model is simple, practical and innovative. We employ qualified, experienced attorneys, paralegals and case managers, at the headquarters here in Jacksonville, and seek to provide superior “back office” support for the cases that we send to you as an Associate Attorney of Consumer Attorney Services.  As your “back office,” we effectively gather all the documents from the clients, vet and research potential problematic issues, chart out all possible outcomes for the life of the action, and ultimately draft all pleadings and motions for your final review and approval. We also provide post-filing support by monitoring the court dockets, client care and scheduling, etc.

Role and Responsibilities


As an Associate Attorney for Consumer Attorney Services, you make yourself available either in person, or by phone, to the Client prior to the first hearing you attend on their behalf.  In addition, you are expected to personally attend all appearances on behalf of the client. 


All cases that we provide to you will be filed under your name as an Associate Attorney of Consumer Attorney Services. Of course you must approve all pleadings and motions prior to filing. We will review each case before it is sent to you and the Client to ensure it meets our standards for attention to detail.




Every attorney will be carefully screened before they are accepted as an Associate Attorney for Consumer Attorney Services. We are seeking attorneys who meet the following criteria:


1.            1-3 years of General Civil Litigation experience.

2.            1-3 years of recent Bankruptcy experience a plus.

3.            Clean Disciplinary history - able to provide a Letter of good standing from the State Bar(s).

4.            Ability to provide competent legal representation for our mutual Clients.

5.            Provide copy of malpractice insurance.