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Arkady Bukh
Bukh Law Firm, P.C.
14 Wall St
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Arkady Bukh
Bukh Law Firm, P.C.

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New York
2001 - 2003


(212) 729-1632

Bukh Law Firm, P.C. is one of the most recognized criminal defense lawyers in NYC. With the focus on white collar crimes, Federal crimes, drug offenses and other NY felonies & misdemeanors, the law firm has been serving prominent New Yorkers for last 8 years.

Bukh Law Firm, P.C. and its founder, Arkady Bukh, provides top rated legal services to all their clientele.  Each attorney in the firm has been selected for the depth and expertise in a particular legal practice, be it drug trafficking or crimes of identity theft and card fraud.  The firm’s managing partner, Arkady Bukh, has appeared on CNN, Forbes, the New York Times and other prestigious news affiliates because of his subject matter expertise on computer crimes and other issues of global importance. 

The firm specializes in those crimes within the federal domain and travels all across the united states working with clients who have been accused of high crimes.

All potential clients are encouraged to call for a free phone consult as this is the easiest way to determine how the law firm can best assist them in their case.