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Dean Galigani
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Dean Galigani
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Law School

University of Florida
1985 - 1989


(352) 375-0812

I founded Galigani Law Firm to continue my passion for helping men, women and minors accused of crimes. I strive to protect the rights of my clients because even a misdemeanor criminal conviction on your record can have damaging effects on your future, with your career and other stressful reprecussions that may harm your ability to continually grow and advance yourself and your family.

As a
Gainesville criminal defense attorney, I represent an array of individuals from all different backgrounds including business professionals, teachers, students, Florida residents and persons visiting who encountered law enforcement on vacation. Life can bring unexpected difficulties and complications, but they don't have to follow you for the rest of your life. It is my goal to have each of my clients end his/her case with the most constructive solution to their problem.

With so much entertainment and tourism in such a large state, a DUI in Gainesville or one of the surrounding areas is increasingly common. Florida has a Zero Tolerance Law for drinking and driving.  The Florida State Police have increased their efforts in enforcing the severity of these laws, but often procedures for a DUI/DWI charge are not properly performed and may have grounds for dismissal. I inspect every element of a case, from before the arrest until trial (if necessary) to ensure I have done everything possible for my clients, no matter what the charge.

My practice areas include:

If you have been charged with a misdemeanor and/or felony crime, take action immediately to build a defense. It may make a valuable difference in your future. Call (352) 375-0812 for a free consultation. We can discuss your case and figure out the best options for you. You only have a limited time to build your case, and a criminal conviction, even a misdemeanor charge, may affect you for years to come. Call Galigani Law Firm now to learn about your rights and begin taking the first steps towards protecting your future.